Welcome to the msg lab!

A hodgepodge of DIY hardware and software projects I work on.

You may have seen my stuff at:


tom's hardware


raspberry pi pod

hotmakes (35min mark)


Recent updates log

  • 24Nov20 - Added a post about a 1hr project involving 3D design and printing. Build a squeegee holder.
  • 21Nov20 - Replaced most images with higher quality versions
  • 21Nov20 - Made dark mode default (can be toggled with the switch on the top right)
  • 21Nov20 - Added a recent updates section to list recent changes to the site or its content.
  • 21Nov20 - Made the carousels clickable, with the images opening in a new tab. That should make it easier to export them if needed.
  • 13Nov20 - Added a post for the assembly of the PocketType

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