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Recent updates log

  • 30Apr21  - Added a Readme page to the Github and cleaned it up a bit.
  • 30Apr21  - Added a page for the MSG v2. This is an upgrade to the MSG to make it easier to assemble and maintain.
  • 21Mar21  - Added a Storefront section to feature some items for auction/sale.
  • 30Jan21   - Added a page with the assembly instructions for the LoRa msg.
  • 27Jan21   - Added social media links to the newly created twitter and instagram accounts.
  • 24Jan21   - Added a page for the LoRa Msg. A texting communicator that works like a walkie talkie.
  • 11Jan21   - Cleaned up and organized the Hardware page a bit. Also added a couple of items.
  • 7Jan21     - Added a page for the Gherkin keyboard I assembled.

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