Here are some of the consumables I use for my projects, i will be moving here any parts i find myself reusing time and again.

solder wire - I use the lead one because it is easier, but with enough skill you should be able to move to lead-free wires

rosin - makes soldering easier

liquid tape - helps to prevent shorting

nozzle socks - I am actually not sure that does anything, but the cool kids put in their mk3s, so faking it until I make it here

cyanoacrylate glue - mistakes happen, and that is the ctrl+z

3:1 heat shrink with glue - look for the one with glue, it is much easier to get it to stick

99% ipa - if I have a secret to get pla to stick to a bed, is this thing

M2 and M2.5 assorted screws  - most Raspberry Pi related parts appear to use M2.5, so having a set of assorted short screws comes in handy. I like the dark countersunk flat tops, but any will do.

tip tinner - to keep the solder iron in tip top condition