msg v2


V2 - First upgrade to the msg


The msg was finished over the Summer of 2019, and I have been using it since. As I use it I noticed that some things could have been improved. Here are a list of things I noticed that could be upgraded:


Changes that made it to v2:

Improve runtime: With only two 18650 cells, the msg had a rather limited 1-2hr runtime. Now it has 4 cells for a more realistic use away from a plug.

Better fit NUC connectors: in the prior design many peripherals couldn't be plugged because there wasn't enough space.

Lower the keyboard: The original design was fit for DSA profile keycaps, which are among the shortest available. The current version lowered the keyboard 2mm, and should be able to accommodate keycaps up to the Cherry profile, which is the most common.

To accommodate the lower keyboard, the following changes were necessary:

  1. Change the round female USB connector for a flat one: to lower the keyboard I needed a more compact connector.
  2. Remove the 16mm buttons on the front: They added quite  a bit of personality to the built, but they were not compatible with a lower keyboard. I replaced them with smaller 12mm version located on the led panel.


Other potential upgrades:


One sad downgrade:

The expansion bay was not very useful because it was sitting behind the screen, basically making it impossible to use while using the rest of the system. The space it used to is now used for the 2 extra batteries.


Change in parts required:

I replaced the led panel: before it used 3mm leds, now it uses adafruit sequins that are materially smaller

the front buttons are gone, so you will need these buttons instead